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It is the business of the future to be dangerous.

A Private Showing

Movies during a pandemic

Adam Crosby

1 minute read

A private theater for me?!

As of 10/1/2020, the number of years I've owned my own company.

Virtual Geeks

Do you still call it a happy hour if it's 6 hours long?

Adam Crosby

6 minutes read

VirtualGeeks 2 - Return of the Geeks

Rekindling old fun during the ‘Rona lockdown.

Adam Crosby

2 minutes read

ShmooCon Logo

ShmooCon 2020 was a fun mix of business and pleasure for me. This was my 15th(!?!?!) ShmooCon, and the 16th in total. I don’t know that I’ve gone to any other event as often. It’s now been so many years that my group of friends has traditions: Le Mirch for Indian at least one night, Krispie Kreme delivered on Saturday night around 1-2am for post party friend making, and staying up way later than normal, hacking on projects and chatting in the hotel lobby.

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